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Natural Home Cures Nopal Powder Capsules guarantees our products work when taken as directed or Double Your Money Back. Simply follow the directions and try our products for a full 90 days. If after 90 days, you do not see any results with our products we will give you Double Your Money Back. Which is a full refund back to your method of payment and a second amount equal to your refund via Paypal, check or money order.


     Here's The Fine Print
You may make a regular merchandise return (Full Refund Of Your Purchase Price) at any time. You do NOT need to follow the rules below. Please visit the Refund Policy for full details.

(2) To receive Double Your Money Back - Full refund plus an additional amount equal to your refund via Paypal, Check or Money Order - you must:

(2a) Be a First-Time Client and purchase either the First Time Client 5 Bottles Nopal & 2 Bottles Prickly Pear Drops at $99.95 or First Time Client 5 Bottles Nopal & 2 Bottles Prickly Pear Drops & 1 Pure Alkaline Water Drops for $129.95.

(2b) Purchasing of additional products or paying for faster shipping does NOT increase the value of the Double Your Money Back Refund Claim.

(3) Within 15 Days Of Delivery Of Your Shipment As Confirmed Via United States Postal Tracking. You must visit and with the code that is found on your invoice and packing slip; you must register your purchase. The code will look like this DYMB 190501.  It will contain a red 6 digit number towards the center bottom of the page. That code will be unique to you and will be used to register your purchase.

(3a) In the event that the United States Postal Service or the appropriate country's mail service does NOT scan the package for proof of delivery and there is no confirmation of delivery found at and the United States Postal Service can not confirm a date of delivery then Natural Home Cures will allow 4 weeks from the date of order (if delivered to Canada or the United States) and 8 weeks to all other countries for you to register your purchase.

(4) Registration Process: Natural Home Cures will ask you for 
your Email Address, Order ID Number & Claim Code found on the invoice of your shipment and the type of medical ailment/disease you are wanting to address by taking our products.

(5) Within 3 business days, you will receive an email from Natural Home Cures with the serving directions, dosing, and frequency that you must follow and continue to do so for a period of 90 consecutive days and you have followed our directions for 90 consecutive days. 

(5a) This email will contain a special Merchandise Authorization Return Number and date of which you are entitled to make your claim to receive Double Your Money Back if our products do not work.

(5b) You will have 21-days to file a claim and ship back your products from the date given in (5a) . Please see our Refund Policy for full details on how to make a merchandise return claim.

(6) Upon return of your merchandise, you will receive a full refund back to your original method of payment and within 30 days, a further amount equal to your refund will be issued in the form of Paypal, check or money order. Paypal is always safe, secure and the quickest way to receive your money. However, for those that do not have Paypal then a check or money order will be issued.

(7) Failure to follows these posted rules will void your Double Money Back Guarantee. However, you are still always entitled to receive a regular refund at any time within the terms of our Refund Policy.


      Legal Disclaimers
The company offering this Double Your Money Back Guarantee Is Natural Home Cures A Health And Wellness Company Since 2004.

(9) One Double Your Money Back Guarantee Per Person to A Maximum Of Two Claims Per Household. (A Person is defined as the legal first, middle and last name as indicated on the invoice. A household is defined as the physical and legal billing and/or shipping address.)

(10) Payment will be made to the full name & address listed on the invoice.

(11) Our Double Your Money Back Guarantee Does NOT Prohibit You From Making A Regular Refund Claim. In other words, should you buy our products today and wish to return them tomorrow then you are entitled to our Full Money Back Guarantee based on our Refund Policy. You would however, not receive Double Your Money Back.

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** By Submitting This Registration You Have Read, Understood and Will Abide By The Double Your Money Back Guarantee Policy. You Also Understand That You Are Entitled To Receive A Full Regular Refund At Any Time Based On Our Refund Policy.